The Doberman Variations

About The Doberman Variations

Justin Wiggan was invited to perform The Doberman Variations, at 4 different arts events in Norway between 29 July and 3 August. The first time Justin performed outside of the UK, with a piece that explores potential therapy based on the disease of unfounded nostalgia.

The Doberman Variations was a live investigation in to the possible connecting theme of three unsupposedly disconnected topics based on the artist’s obsession of Grace Jones, Dobermans and abandoned theme parks. Connective threads were created live, using broken vinyl, manipulated ferric cassettes, modified dictations, sellotape and a Russian army tank driver’s throat microphone. These elements were placed in varying orders with the performance to enable a conclusive link to the three topics.

The Book

The Doberman Variations book is now available to buy. It contains photography by Oona Lurås, documenting the shows as well as the password to download video and audio recordings from some of the performances – the password can only be read by tearing the book to pieces and rearranging the mosaic of paper.

7 x7 inches. 250 pages. Colour cover. Black on off white interior.

The book can be bought for only £14.96 from Lulu.

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